Textile Culture Tour

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Course 1 EXCO → DTC Textile Museum → Lunch → Modern Cultural Street Tour → Seomun Market → EXCO
Course 2 EXCO → DTC Textile Museum → Lunch → Bangjja Yugi (Korean Bronzeware) Museum → Seomun Market → EXCO
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TEXFO 2017 is pleased to provides you the Textile Culture Tour which is include the whole stream of textile in Daegu!

You can see the past, present and the future of textile at Daegu Textile Complex (DTC) at once, and also get a change to experiencing the variety culture of Daegu! Please join and share your insight with TEXFO 2017 participants!

DTC Textile Museum

Daegu Textile Complex (DTC) is the one and only textile museum in Korea, which has been established to share the history of local textile and fashion industry and the visions.

The exhibition spaces in DTC are fashion, industry and future exhibition, where the history and specialty are ensured thanks to the participation and supports from large companies, SMBs and the related organizations. You can find various artworks created with the themes of threads, needles and cocoons and cultural facilities around the museum.

DTC provides visitors with inspirations for new ideas for textile and fashion industry, while offering a cultural space mixed with business and culture.

Daegu Textile Complex

Daegu Modern Cultural Street Tour

Daegu received slight damage relatively when the Korean war was occurred. That’s why the alley in Daegu become the tourist attractions which shows past and present together. Many people meditate on memories during the tour, and experience the important historic places.

Daegu Modern Cultural Street Tour

Bangjja Yugi (Korean Bronzeware) Museum

Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum is Korea's first bronzeware-specialized museum built to preserve the Bangjja Yugi, a traditional cultural property. It also aims to hand down its manufacturing technology to posterity so that the excellence of traditional Korean cultural assets may continue to be presented, and the development of local culture will be promoted.

Bangjja Yugi(Korean Bronzeware) is made by a method wherein an alloy of copper and tin, in the ratio of 78 parts to 22, is pounded and hit repeatedly by several people with hammers in hand to draw it out thinly to form a shape. Major items of Bangjja Yugi include musical instruments, utensils and other items for religious services, tableware and living goods. Recently teaspoons, knives and forks have also been made by Bangjja Yugi with the change of lifestyle.

Bangjja Yugi Museum